build build [bɪld] verb built PTandPP [bɪlt] [transitive]
1. MANUFACTURING to make or put together large things such as buildings, cars, ships, roads etc:

• New offices are being built on the site.

• No new ships are being built at the yard now.

• Sales of cars built in the US are falling.

2. COMMERCE also build up to create something over a long period of time by adding to it gradually:

• a peasant's son who built an enormous business empire

• He built the company into one of the world's biggest jewelery concerns.

• The drugs company has built up a formidable sales force.

• The government has recently built up currency reserves by buying U.S. dollars.

3. LAW when lawyers build a case, they put together facts, information etc to try to convince a court that someone is innocent or guilty:

• He said prosecutors had built a case based on circumstantial evidence (= evidence that can make you believe that something happened, but does not prove that it did ) .

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build UK US /bɪld/ verb (built, built)
[I or T] to make a building or other structure by putting different parts or materials together: »

New offices were built downtown to house the company's headquarters.


The city plans to build three new parking structures next to the airport.


build cars/planes/machinery, etc.

[T] to create something from a collection of ideas, plans, information, people, etc.: »

build a website/network


build a company/team/department

[T] (also build up) to develop something gradually so that it becomes larger, more powerful, more successful, etc.: build up a career/business/brand »

He moved to London where he built up a successful career in journalism.

[T] IT to create a computer program: »

Researchers have built a sophisticated computer program to search for answers.

build a case — Cf. build a case
be built to flip — Cf. be built to flip
be built to last — Cf. be built to last
build UK US /bɪld/ noun [C]
IT a computer program that is being developed: »

Developers are testing the latest build for errors.

PROPERTY a building that is being built or that has recently been built: »

To say that we can get every build in the biggest school building project right first time is not realistic.


Prices for new builds fell 3%.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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